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Christmas ideas 2005

  • Floam
  • Tigger (does cartwheels)
  • Cinderella DVD
  • BC Builders Dinosaur building set (I-Fell Tower)
  • Dora Dolls -- princess for aidan and regular dora for aaron
  • bulls-eye bounce and roll game hasbro playskool
  • More Wedgits
  • More Marbleworks
  • Hot Wheels orange track
  • Pull-trigger race track (something like Hot Wheels: Super Duper Cliffhangers Slot Car Racing Set)
  • Tinker Toys
  • LeapFrog gameboy thingy

  • Twister (Aidan played it at Nancy & Greg's. Saw a commercial for it and said he wanted it)

Jenny told me about a bounce house at Kohl's that comes with the inflator thingy. It's 8 x 8 and about $99. Are you interested for the boys for Christmas?

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